Black hole information

How to say… I’m a profane studious of anything that catches my attention (… and actually is not that difficult, at least for a short time over the weekend…). I already said here some bullshit about gravitational waves. Their experimental discovery made some rumours a few months ago (and now some of the players are smelling Nobel), but the game is not at an end.

The deeper question about gravitational waves is related to their capacity of storing or not the information (ah, you know that it is another of my seeds?), thus “solving” the information paradox that torture (theoretical) cosmologist, the serious ones.

Conventional view of black holes says that their gravity is so strong that nothing can escape, not even light (someone said black?). The limit, the border past which no return is possible is the so called “event horizon”.

But this is not sufficient… This view, indeed, suggests, that all information contained in whatever crosses the event horizon is destroyed. Simply destroyed, but … quantum physics is not that happy about that. At subatomic level, indeed, all that we know is that information can never be destroyed.


So we can play with the “black hole information paradox”.

Steven Hawking and friends proposed a possible answer to this enigma: gravitational waves can store the memory of the information contained in the matter fell down into the hole. This means that black holes store zero-energy forms of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation and the information is released as black holes evaporate.

It is like to say that the black holes actually are not “holes”, they are “simply” regions where matter, time and energy are stored and behave in a way completely different from our common and uncommon point of view.


PS. The video below explains the back hole information paradox very well (clear even for a dummy like me).



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