From The Guardian:

As Donald Trump’s shock election victory reverberated around Silicon Valley late on Tuesday night, some high-profile technologists were already calling for California to secede from the United States. The broader west coast is a stronghold for the Democrats, and significantly more politically progressive and racially diverse than large swathes of central U.S. California is also the biggest economy in the U.S. and the sixth largest in the world with a gross state product of $2.496 trillion for 2015, according to the IMF. The campaign for independence -variously dubbed Calexit, Califrexit and Caleavefornia- has been regarded as a fringe movement.

But support was revitalized by influential Uber investor and Hyperloop co-founder Shervin Pishevar, in a series of tweets announcing his plans to fund a “legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation” -posted even before the full results were in. A few hours later, Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Trump, and Pishevar told CNBC that he was serious about Calexit.

“It’s the most patriotic thing I can do,” he said, adding that the resulting nation would be called New California. “We can re-enter the union after California becomes a nation. As the sixth largest economy in the world, the economic engine of the nation and provider of a large percentage of the federal budget, California carries a lot of weight,” he said. Pishevar was supported by others in Silicon Valley.

Angel investor Jason Calacanis said that California succession would be simple in the wake of both Brexit and a Trump win. Evan Low, a Democrat serving in the California state assembly, said that he’d support the introduction of a bill to start the independence process. The proposal illustrates the technology industry’s frustration with Trump over his repeated criticisms of Silicon Valley companies.

Trump on similar topics (and probably the cause of such an initiative):

  • he would make Apple build computers in the U.S.
  • he thinks Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post to exert political power and avoid paying taxes
  • he claimed that Mark Zuckerberg’s push for specialist immigration would actually decrease opportunities for American women and minorities

“Trump would be a disaster for innovation”. Probably, or probably not.

IMHO often “high-profile leaders” (and I’m not sure the epithet applies to the new US President) declare pretentious statements just lo leave some footprint of themselves, jut to make people talking about them. Once they are in charge of taking decisions it si rather difficult they realize (also because often, fortunately, they can not just choose by their own) everything,or even part of, they declared.

WU (hopeful)


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