What did it say?

Let me spend some other useless words about the working word we must live in.

You, zealous, enthusiastic worker have done a very good job. And in your way of living the job you achieved what your boss told you to do. At least what you have understood.

Now it is just matter of summarize everything somewhere and notify it to your boss with the results he was waiting for. But the final answer must be somehow motived. Probably an email is sufficient, instead than a long formal document he will never read.

Good luck…


Ah, I almost forgot. He is in charge of judge your work. Often without any technical base and without have neither understood what you actually did.


Probably the best way out is to give him just a short final answer enough ambiguous and captivating to motivate him to ask further (in the end the complete descriptive mail is already there…).

I’ll try. And it is matter of necessity not of desire.


PS. From this and this Dilbert of the beginning of the month. I have already spotted them out, but I tried to wait to comment about with the hope of writing “I tried it out! It works!”. Not yet the case…

PPSS @12.09.16 … and Dilbert comes back on the topic (here) stressing, if necessary the point: what is the matter of summarizing and necessarily minimizing, to explain to “the top management” with very little tech experience and a lot of passion for big announcements, disclaimers and misunderstanding?




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