Supersonic gull dream

Is it clear that I’m obsessed with the problem (the dream) of having supersonic commercial flights?

I have never been on a Concorde and I have my (strange and wrong) ideas that it was a colossal hoax, but nonetheless it is so fascinating to think about supersonic transfers…

We already discussed (here and here, for instance) that one of the main issues of such a concept is the noise (the sonic boom).

The Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI) developed a very nice concept (only a concept…) for a potentially boomless supersonic aircraft (with a sonic boom claimed to be 1/100 that of the Concorde). The design is based on a “curved gull-wing, an inverted V-tail, and a curvilinear fuselage”.

SAI Quiet Supersonic Transport

WOW. But…

The test flight was planned for the 2011 and the first passengers would have been in 2013. Nothing happen and (both for the business jet-sized Quiet Supersonic Transport (QSST) and for the large-scale plan of having commercial 737-sized transport aircraft) SAI seems having some investors lack and probably any further progress is unlikely.

At the present the QSST development plan (declared both for commercial and military use; the second application is what makes me a bit more confident about the project) considers a test flight in 2017 and passengers in 2018 (and 80 million dollar per aircraft expected).

What a pity (?)


PS. Do you know who is the funder of SAI? Michael Paulson, son of Gulfstream Aerospace founder Allen Paulson


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