It-would-be-nice-if syllogisms

Again here XKCD shows me what limited mind I have… I have been always convinced that it was not sufficient to understand something to have a direct return. Correct? 😀


This might (I stress might) be not true in our everyday life, but it is fascinating imaging a society where everybody who understands something (whatever it is) has a concrete return out of it.

The bunch of smartest guys on Earth probably already do that, but it is not the case of the great majority of people. And probably it is also “fault” of the kind of stuffs people (I for sure) spent time to understand.

Everything deserves attention (and this blog is a shining example), but to make money (and in general any concrete return) out of that is not always easy… If I’m the maximum expert in “peace science” how is it suppose I obtain a direct, concrete return to buy my bread?

The strip recalls me some popular wisdom:

Who knows how to do, does. Who doesn’t know, teaches“. I’m definitely closer to the second category… my wallet is empty (clearly I don’t do, at least not enough the right stuffs), I hope at least to teach to someone who will do…

And the idea that it is an engineer, a sort of number farmer (… like me! Ah ah, again something about me) is absolutely brilliant and well-fitting.

Anyway, keeping on doing syllogisms:

  • all mathematics are billionaire
  • all economist are billionaire (thus are mathematics)
  • all priests are immortals
  • all undertakers are died
  • all veterinarians are animals
  • all airplane pilots are birds
  • all people like me are idiots 😀

… I could have kept going almost forever, but probably the last statement well closes these useless (but it-would-be-nice-if) syllogisms.




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