Optimism, why?

Should I be worried?

Actually this morning I arrived at work with a strange grin on my face. I almost didn’t recognize myself in the toilet mirror (also because are probably weeks I don’t look at myself in a mirror). I sat at my desk without thinking, as usually I do at 08.30 in the morning, “…com’on, it si almost done”. At some point I even start singing to myself, but wait… And neither the morning mail download nor a couple of please-not-for-me phone calls didn’t change my mood.

Whubble scares me (2012 vignette, Whubble reserve!).

I should take some doctor visit or simply some days off, but for the time being I just enjoy this unjustified (really? or more probably I’m a too narrow-vision-man to understand, even myself) optimism.

Thanks, oh my mind, to be some kind of self repairing device.



Un pensiero su “Optimism, why?

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